The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and our team from Startschuss Queer Sport Hamburg e.V. are very happy to welcome you to the Hamburg Queer Cup!

This overview gives you all the information you need to enjoy the Hamburg Queer Cup.

At the Check-In you register for the whole weekend and meet new friends while we have a glass of sparkling wine together.

Where: Hein & Fiete, Pulverteich 21, 20099 Hamburg, S- und U-Bahn main railway station

Your competition bag is filled with goodies and you can meet other competitors. If you cannot make it to the check in, you will be able to pick your bag up at the buffet at competition day.

The competition takes place in the swimming pool Inselpark in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg. The best way to get there is by S-Bahn S-Bahn stop (S3/S31) Wilhelmsburg). Parking is very limited. You’ll need a 1 Euro coin for the lockers.

Ort: Schwimmhalle Inselpark, Kurt-Emmerich-Platz 12, 21109 Hamburg

We will publish details information to the competition in the official invitation (Ausschreibung; in German language). Here are the main facts:

Admission: 9:00 am
Warm-up: 9:15 – 9:45 am
Referee Meeting: 9:30 am
Competition Start: 10:30 am
Competition End: approximately 4:30 pm

Section 1

Event 1 – 200m Breaststroke (m/f/d)
Event 2 – 50m Backstroke (m/f/d)
Event 3 – 400m Freestyle (m/f/d)
Event 4 – 50m Butterfly (m/f/d)
Event 5 – 800m Freestyle (m/f/d)
Event 6 – 100m Breaststroke (m/f/d)
Event 7 – 50m Freestyle (m/f/d)
Event 8 – 100m Individual Medley (m/f/d)
Event 9 – 4x50m Breaststroke (female)
Event 10 – 4x50m Breaststroke (male)
Event 11 – 4x50m Breaststroke (mixed)
Event 12 – 4x50m Individual Medley (mixed)


Section 2 (approximately 45 minutes after the end of Section 1)

Event 13 – 100m Freestyle (m/f/d)
Event 14 – 100m Butterfly (m/f/d)
Event 15 – 200m Individual Medley (m/f/d)
Event 16 – 50m Breaststroke (m/f/d)
Event 17 – 100m Backstroke (m/f/d)
Event 18 – 200m Butterfly (m/f/d)
Event 19 – 4x50m Freestyle (female)
Event 20 – 4x50m Freestyle (male)
Event 21 – 4x50m Freestyle (mixed)

Fun Relay (details on site at competition) as outside the official ranking – one relay is reserved for officials. Mixed relays consist of two women and two men.

Participation at swimming competition: 45 EUR

Our party “Badeanstalt royale” starts at 10.00 pm, so you can rest a little after the competition and look awesome again to meet us on the dance floor. At 11.00 pm we will announce the winner of this year’s Hamburg Queer Cup.

Where: Hörsaal, Talstraße 12, 20359 Hamburg, S-Bahn Reeperbahn

Party ticket: 10 Euro

After an exhausting competition and a nice party night, it’s the best to enjoy some fresh coffee and tee an have and to enjoy the various breakfast and brunch. Take your time to review the days with old and new friends.

Where: T.R.U.D.E, Maurienstraße 13-15, 22305 Hamburg, S-Bahn Barmbek

Brunch ticket: 28 EUR

We recommend travelling to Hamburg via train for sustainalbe reasons. Hamburg has a great public transport with subway (“U-Bahn”) and metro (“S-Bahn”). The Deutschlandticket is valid and allows to use the city’s public transport including harbour ferries. Alternatively, you can purchase day and group tickets. It is often cheaper than a regular return-ticket. All U-Bahn and S-Bahn trains stop at Hamburg Central (“Hauptbahnhof”).

If you consider coming by bicycle, the “StadtRAD Hamburg” bike system has docking stations all over the city.

You can also use the various car sharing systems. They have cars at every corner.

There is much to see and do in Hamburg. If you have some time left, here are some ideas and tips.

Elbphilharmonie: The new concert hall is already a landmark. For the viewing platform (Plaza), you can get a free ticket on site. You get there via the largest curved escalator in the world and enjoy a spectacular view over the HafenCity and the harbour.

Hamburg Harbour / Landungsbrücken / Old Elbtunnel: Why not admire some ships, old and new, during a stroll along the harbour jetties? Or walk through the historic Elbtunnel to the free-port side of the Elbe? From there you have a fantastic view of the city and the Elbphilharmonie. By the way, did we mention that you can take the ferry (number 62) the jetties to Finkenwerder and back and enjoy the view of the harbor and the Elbe suburbs. The ferry is included in the HVV tariff. When it comes to local eateries, the best fish sandwiches can be found at the fish bun king on Bridge 6 .

St. Georg and Lange Reihe The heart of Hamburg’s queer community is St. Georg and in particular Lange Reihe. Enjoy the many cozy cafés, trendy bars, and fantastic restaurants taking a rest from your shopping and sampling the local eye-candy. Our tip: a slice of homemade cake at the cult Café Gnosa.

Miniatur Wunderland: The attachment located at Hamburg Speicherstadt is not only just for kids and nerds. It is easy to get lost for hours admiring the different landscapes, cities and scenes. It is not only railways here, but also ships, lovers, bog bodies and even an airport. Best to buy a ticket online so you do not have to wait in line. The Speicherstadt Incidentally, is the world’s largest continuous warehouse complex and, since 2015, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.